Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pacey problems

I am tip-toeing some very icy surface here. I don't want to sound too old but at the same time indicate my struggle to catch up with time. :-)

There is a certain pace at which you live your life. I didn't or rather don't realize this till I travel to some place which alters this pace. For e.g. if I am on a long lazy vacation I feel a kind of frustration creeping in. I feel the need for the hustle-bustle of daily life in the city. When I travel abroad, since the social commitments are down to zero, all I end up doing is work. This leads to a different kind of frustration, one that makes we want to get back to everyday family life.

Why am I writing all this? Actually, I don't know. I just realized that it has been a week since I updated this blog. This by itself is not as strange as that I didn't feel an inclination to update it. Its like travel makes me lose the external perspective, makes me lose context with life, the news, the views... and frankly, this disconnect is so damn frustrating!

Anywayz, since I have now noticed it, and fighting procrastination is one of my new year resolutions, I am gonna do something about it. ;-)

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