Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Catch Up?

I am taking another shot at Microsoft... guys have taken shit from so many people over the years and continue to do so, but hey, they are the big guns and its always fun to slander them up, they sure have the money to make them feel better. :-)

Six years since its launch Ipod is one of the most common place gadget in the world, it rocked the music listeners world over. The idea was innovative, presentation was stylish as ever and marketing was spot on. Ipod is an Apple product all the way and it revived Apple to no end. Microsoft had to do something. They did, almost 5 years later... came up with a clone which is a glorified Toshiba gigabeat and called it Zune. Tried to build an industry around it.... still trying.

Apple rocks the boat again with iPhone. A fancy phone, all classy, all featured and all costly. Does Apple see a huge market for it?? Sure it does! Microsoft doesn't want to be left behind and guess what! Playing catch up? Not so nice Microsoft... for a change, try being the innovator. :-)

p.s: BTW, I don't like Ipod and I don't fancy Zune either. ;-)

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