Sunday, March 04, 2007

Missed a Laugh

I have been watching a few stand-up comedians on Showtime. There was this lady, Sarah Silverman with "Jesus is Magic". She was good, but she had to be very very offensive to get as funny as she got. Then saw this guy, Alex Raymundo with "Hick-Spanic". He too was not bad, but was over obsessed with foul language and always getting the "oooooh" response from the crowd rather than the laughs. You watch these people and then you think, is there going to be another Seinfeld of Ellen DeGeneres ?

Hopefully Bangalore, Mumbai and mid next week Delhi would have an answer to this. :-). Russell Peters is touring India!! I had this on my calendar almost 6 months back and I got a rude email reminder last month end about the show, which I have now conveniently missed. :-(

I have seen Russell Peters videos and he is really very very good. Probably coz I could relate to many a thing he does. His modus operandi revolves around racism and he doesn't spare people of any ethnicity. He seems to play it safe with religion and stays far away from jokes which could offend religious sentiments. Probably Sarah with her Jewish tinge and Alex with the Latino touch could also have the same effect for people with the same ethnicity.

C'mon Showtime, soothe me. Get me stand-ups who can make me laugh and not just comment "Thatz very bold!".

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