Friday, March 09, 2007

Throw a stone...

There is a very famous quote about Bangalore and the high concentration of software engineers in the city. "You throw a stone in the air on brigade road and its likely to fall on the head of a software engineer". Luckily we don't have people taking the quote literally and they seem to take it at face value. :-)

Anywayz, had a similar experience in the US couple of days back. I was trying to get hold of a colleague (a desi) at around midnight US time and I dialed his number. I had accidentally dialed a couple of numbers in the wrong order and was of course oblivious of my mistake. A few seconds later a desi picks the call up and I start off confidently explaining the reason for my call. The guy at the other end is flabbergasted and is all silent. He then goes "Which number do you want?" I immediately realize my mistake and give my thousand apologies and cut the call. I then start browsing up something and some 5-10 minutes later, call the number again and guess what, I make the same mistake again! This poor chap must have cursed me the last time and gone back to bed and I wait till he would have started falling into REM sleep and I call again. :-)) This time he asked for the number more firmly and when I did blurt it out, he angrily pointed to my mistake and I gave him a thousand and one apologies and didn't repeat the same cycle after another 10 minutes. :-)

Imagine me getting a wrong number and the probability of a desi picking it! But this has cleared any doubts if any in my mind, that, the next time anyone asks me where in the US I am at, I will confidently tell them Suryanagar a.k.a Sunnyvale!!


Anila said...

Ha, I call this the effect of distraction! ;)

Ajay said...

yes... it very well could be the case. :-)