Sunday, March 04, 2007

Smart Cheats!

I have always been a deal hunter and there are sites that I visit regularly looking for the stuff I yearn for. One of the sites I regularly visit is bestbuy. They are big online and also have just as many stores as circuitcity or frys. They house all kinds of gadgets and have some good deals every now and then especially on laptops. But last week some news broke out which really changes my opinion!

Bestbuy confirms that they have a secret website. Basically, you check out a deal at from home and it says "$100 discount". You now rush to their store and ask the sales executive for the deal. The executive says that there is no such deal and tells you to show the deal from a kiosk available at the store. You access and to your surprise the deal is not there! You go home either buying without the discount or thinking that you are blessed with rotten luck. What the folks at bestbuy do is that they route your request from one of their kiosks to a local website which doesn't carry all the deals that you would see at their regular website. The idea being to get you out of your couch and into their store and then betting on your laziness to come in again and just buy whatever is available!

Damn bestbuy.... just when you had gotten the better of circuitcity, you do this?? You deserve to go down cheats!! ;-)

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