Sunday, September 16, 2007


It has rained real crazy in Bangalore for most of last week. Its good to see Bangalore at its gloomy best, reminding us Bangaloreans of the good old days. I see many complain off this gloomy weather, but this is exactly the weather that sets Bangalore apart from the rest of the big cities of India.

This being said, I share a strange love-hate relationship with all this rain.
1. I love it being gloomy, but I hate it when it rains so much that the football ground gets all slushy.
2. I love it when I can sit for hours at home without having to bother about turning on the fan, but I hate it when I have to use the water heater to have some hot water since the solar heater didn't get enough sunlight to do its job.
3. I love it when the roads are empty during peak hours when there is heavy rain, but I hate it when the period after a heavy rain results in huge traffic jams even during non-peak hours.
4. The lazy me loves it when the rain gives my car a free wash, but I hate it when my car gets a free mud coat the day after the rains.

Rain in Bangalore... You can love it, You can hate it.... you can also ignore it, :-) which is exactly what I am gonna do.


Anila said...

I don't like gloomy weather.. I don't like being compelled to sit inside the house.. I don't like muddy roads.. I think I hate rainy season! :¦

Prady said...

I love watching the downpour from a bus on the way home, but would hate driving in the rain ;-)

rema said...

rema's views:
really it gives mixed feelings when it rains.But majority likes to comment negative.Think of an year without a single drop of rain.
oh! can't imagine.

oh! can't imagine!