Friday, September 14, 2007


Watching the India vs Pakistan match which has just ended in a tie. A really good match.... had lotsa fun for a change! Would take a match like this anyday than a run blast of 200+ runs! But this could be just me. :-)

But the rule says, when there is a tie, 5 bowlers will trying to hit the wicket and get a point each time they hit the stumps. A very desperate attempt to match the soccer penalty shootout. It is funny, but nonetheless, still desperate. Its almost like, we will do anything for more acceptance of the game in the world!

... and India beats Pakistan again at the World Cup!! :-D


it's me said...

me thinks they shud have left it as a tie, as even in football, the final result in the league phases, to determine who tops the pool, is on goal difference. Shootouts are used at a later stagem when absolutely necessary. 20-20 could have kept it as that as well.

Ajay said...

Yup... that is the closest compromise that I can agree to when it comes to bowl out. :-)