Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The impossible!

Having watched the Aussies play cricket over the last 10+ years, I would not mind any team playing any kind of cricket just beating them black and blue. This is why the Aussie tour of India in 2001 when Bhajji routed them or the Ashes in 2005 become so important.

I was critical of 20-20 cricket a couple of posts back and I more of less stand by it. But having said that, a Zimbabwe victory over the famed Aussies is something else! Kudos to a team which was helped in no small part by the weather, the state of the pitch and most importantly the over confident approach of the Aussies. The last shock defeat in ODI's for the Aussies came on the very same day two years ago when the Bangaldeshis got the better of them.

I have to agree with a friend of mine who said, "For all the negatives of this new format, it does give minnows a chance to compete". He couldn't have been more right! This being said, what are India's chances against Scotland?? :-)

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Prem Bangole said...

Dude Twenty twenty is a different game... you throw everything here , fortune favors the brave here, if it works it works, doesn't matter how you are rated in one day international, twenty twenty is a different ball game altogether, Well Bangladesh beating WI was a shocker, WI is out of world cup, well as you mentioned in ur last post this is new game, everybody is figuring out strategies, until they do there will be upsets like this...