Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tryst with cooking

Due to unavoidable travel reasons the better halves of dad and myself are not at home. This leaves Dad and myself to do all the work at home. slant

Almost all the work at home is kinda manageable except for cooking. My dad is somewhat of a strict one when it comes to food. He needs his rice everyday and hence shortcuts like instant noodles don't fly with him. Hence I had to transform myself from a one dish wonder (I am known to make some mean puliyogare) to chef principal. wink big nose. As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention and though I don't want to deem what I cooked as an invention(that could only be derogatory), I did manage to cook rasam for us. I think I give myself a 10 on 10 for the effort if not for the taste. cool. I went slightly overboard with the chili powder and slightly less with salt. I also had to deal with some very adamant dal which just wouldn't boil. But all in all, we have survived two days on this and the third day is not looking too bad either. wink big nose

Maybe I should try my hand at something more grand next... how about Sambar?? Yes Yes Yes... from my Point Of View Sambar is grand!!

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Deep said...

Ahhh.. Rasam, then Sambar ... better be careful or ur Wife is going to let u do all the cooking later ;)

Jus kidding.. HOw are u ?!!! Long time indeed since I came over online (Blogs and stuff) ..

silkboard said...

How about trying those easy to use MTR mixes (lemon rice paste is good enough, boil rice, mix the paste, and enjoy!) ?

Worst case, maggie isn't that bad :)

Ajay said...

Deep: That is the eternal risk I take while I move boldly forward in this challenging endeavor. ;-)

Silkboard: I have bought the MTR Lemon rice paste and will get to it sooner than later. Maggie isn't too bad for me, but my dads brains will be in noodles seeing it. ;-)