Monday, December 25, 2006


How can you drive real dangerous and get away with it? In Bangalore the answer to this is pretty simple these days. There is a severe shortage of traffic cops in the city and those who are around and doing a decent job of it are too busy trying to avoid a traffic jam than to actually catch an offender.

I remember the days when I had a 2 wheeler learners license and I used to drop my friend everyday(a learner cannot have a pillion rider) from college. We would stop off at the end of goodshed road, my friend would walk the next 50-100 meters while I drive by in front of the cops and he would then sit back onto my bike. We used to do this many times during our 14 km ride back from college. We used to do this coz we knew that if any traffic cop caught us, we would have to fork a lot of money!

Gone are those good old days of playing cat and mouse with traffic cops. You can in fact drive as rashly as you want and still get away with it, like this lorry driver did.

I tried to get hold of his license plate and all I got was more cement on my car as I drove close to him. The chap tried to swerve in front of me and only the extra horsepower in my ride saved me!

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