Monday, September 18, 2006

Where it rains goodness....

Chennai or more so Tamil Nadu is a very nice place to live in these times of Mr.Karunanidhi. As part of his eagerness to get to power, he promised:
1. 15kgs free rice and then at Rs.2 per kg for every household with a ration card
2. Free Colour TV to 10L households
3. Free LPG stoves for poor families

Though this causes a hole in the Tamil Nadu exchequers pocket, the CM has gone ahead with his promises! Whether the money could be put to better use is a very valid question, but the CM has shown that he does not forget those who helped him come to power. He offered a unlikely bribe and has paid in kind in record time!

My take is that when you have terms as vague as "poor families", a lot of these goodies will be eaten away by the involved. Santa Claus sure has come early this year in Tamil Nadu. Wonder how many "poor" from the neighbouring states are planning temporary relocation.... wink big nose

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