Sunday, September 17, 2006

Naive Time Management

Simplest time management technique which is highly ineffective but very popular is "fooling yourself". What I mean is to set your watch or clock ahead by a few minutes. I keep wondering how anyone felt this can be of any help! If you are the one who is setting the clock ahead in time, would you be blessed with amnesia everytime you look at the clock and making you forget how much you set the clock ahead by and in effect make you think that you are running late?

At home someone(and I may know who) have set a clock ahead by 10 minutes and another by 5 minutes and maybe the smaller time pieces are also skewed. This ensures that I need to maintain a table in my mind to add a correction factor to the time that I see in the clocks depending on the room that I am in. Since I have been blessed with very bad memory, I invariably end up looking at my cell to figure out the exact time!

How many of you have done this or still do this or know people who do this? If the answer to this question is yes, please ask why?? I am very interested to know the answer. nose smile

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