Sunday, September 17, 2006

Open Source arriving...

Take any new worthwhile distro of Linux and tell me how long it takes to get started if you follow the dumb route, like what windows forces you to do during its installation. Surprisingly the answer would be lesser time than windows, easier to use than windows and of course more stable than windows. This is not an empty statement, I have tried a couple of installations and only if you want to do *more* than usual, you need to take the help of someone(more often than not this someone is the Internet).

I have 2 examples to cite:

A friend of mine at office, dimpy, has completely moved over to Linux and survives without any hassles in a predominantly windows office work style. This includes emails, document writing et al.

This is not all, take even the windows world. Another friend at office, nsd, took the task of going completely open source on his new laptop. He hardly has any Micro$oft or other paid products, nor does he have any pirated stuff. He is using only open source tools and again is surviving and more in the otherwise costly windows world.

Now, these can be cited as geeks doing what they do best. If so, here is a more compelling argument to indicate the growth of open source. The Kerala government decided to go completely Linux a while back. This made huge headlines in Kerala and this also made a few passive computer users wake up. For e.g. my uncle asked me during my last vacation:

How is Linux? Is it as simple as windows? Can you install it for me?

...and my father-in-law asked me:

I want to know more about Linux? Is there a book you recommend? Can I do something using it?

Now these are people who have nothing to do with the geeky side of the computer industry other than their children working in the IT industry and the increased awareness is resulting in they showing interest in Linux!!

Linux has been making waves for a while now and using it as the flag-bearer, open source is now hitting the shores of Kerala, India, The World!!

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