Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Small is Big

Finally we have a few glimpses of the 1 lakh car from Tata.

The Looks:

The Details:

Tata is clearly trying to woo the low end car market (Maruti 800) consumers and the high-end 2 wheeler consumer into switching to the 1 lakh car. The current market leaders of the high-end 2 wheeler segment, Bajaj, cannot let this happen without a fight and they have released some news about their own version of the 1 lakh car.

More details here.

The small car market is pretty big in India and these guys know it. Let the wooing games begin! :-)

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Dragonfly said...

But think about what will happen to the Bangalore roads when this car hits the markets. Every one will buy this. I think may be autos will be replaced by this car.