Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Planetary Neighbours

NASA's Spirit has picked up some strange human looking life form on Mars. Yes people, the answer to our question 'Are we alone' (as if the 7+ billion was not enough) has been answered. We are not alone! Like this is what we really wanted at this time! We have so few humans around, why not get some Martians to stick around!

Too bad the Martian doesn't look anywhere as cool as depicted in the movies. :-) And since this picture is just as grainy or hazy as any of the ones of Sasquatch or Loch Ness monster, it must be true. :-)

Anyway, some more fuel for the SETI gang to continue their search.


Dragonfly said...

But you havent included what you think about it? Dont tell me you believe its a martian.. ;) but yeah, ofcourse you can, if you want.. :) The thing I am wondering is that, ppl have a photo like this and they are not doing anything about it.
I didnt hear NASA sending any special mission crews to investigate about it. Or atleast they should have made an official statement saying its not a martian.. ;)

Ajay said...

Do I believe there is life in the universe outside of earth, yes I do. Do I think this is the photo of a martian, no I don't. :-)