Sunday, October 28, 2007

Marriage-Divorce : The Gowda Play

Pardon me if this post actually gets outdated by the tomorrows morning news. Last heard, JD(S) has decided to forget their differences with BJP and have decided to keep the marriage of convenience going. Yediyurappa will be the BJP candidate for CM and the promises that the coalition will stay strong has started.

It looks like the thought of losing more than just power got the JD(S) supremo, Deve Gowda to agree to the alliance. One of the reasons for JD(S) to be so bullish about breaking the alliance instead of handing over power was because of it having comfortably won local body elections. This gave them confidence that even if there were mid term polls, they would come out better in terms of number of seats in the assembly. But after breaking the pact to hand over power to the BJP, the public backlash was so strong that JD(S) realized that things were not going to plan. One of the exit polls showed them winning a paltry 17 to 19 seats. Couple with this was senior JD(S) leader MP Prakash trying to get things going with the Congress again. With Sonia visiting China, there was no swift action on this front, but the fear of a party split was very real. The Gowdas quickly regrouped and got the alliance going with the ever ready BJP for the second time.

Lets just hope that after all this power struggle and spitfire comments we will end up having some decent governance from the next 20 months. (fingers crossed)


Prady said...

"decent governance from the next 20 months" your wildest day dreams brother! These shameless opportunistic crooks wouldn't be done with raking in their moolah if you give them another 40 governance good or bad is ruled out...and to think the government will run smoothy without any further in-fighting is building another castle in the air...I am not sure it will be formed either, with congress and Prakash playing their part! It is disgusting to see such mockery of democracy. First it was the presidential election, then the nuclear deal and now this father-son opera - Fumble Harmer indeed!

Ajay said...

Well said prady... I dont expect as much, jut being optimistic. :-)