Sunday, October 14, 2007


GDAD - Acronym For "Good Deed A Day". :-)

I aim to do one Good Deed a Day(sentance used only for dramatic effect with no real conviction), and all bloggable good deeds will be, well, blogged!

If any of you guys out there are as lazy as me, this would be a real boon.

2 Second T-Shirt Fold!! - More amazing video clips are a click away

Now, no more excuses for having a messy bedroom. :-)


Anila said...

I was waiting to try it out myself before writing a comment. And I kept forgetting all these days. Finally, I tried it last day and yes, it worked! Thats definitely a good deed! :)

Ajay said...

I was so damn surprised that it worked so well, that I had to post it. :-)