Thursday, April 12, 2007

Music Review: Ta Ra Rum Pum

Home sickness kicking in and nothing like some Bollywood music to pep you back to work. I had a slew of new films to choose from, but wanted to play safe and went with Ta Ra Rum Pum. As far as I remember, this film was supposed to have Shekhar Kapur directing and A R Rahman scoring the music. Apparently plans changed and both these guys have nothing to do with the movie. Since this is a music review I only care for the music director(s) and Vishal-Shekhar are as good as any out there in Bollywood music these days.

The first impression on hearing these songs were... "wait a sec, haven't I heard these somewhere?". This unfortunately stuck to my head throughout my listening and hasn't gotten any better. But none the less, the songs have merit and they exist with an identity(barely).

Of all the songs in the movie, the one that is the obvious hit and a class apart is O Shona by Shaan and Sunidhi. Shaan somehow manages to nudge ahead of KK even though KK does get some songs in some unexpected films to be hits. You can also sense the extra effort Sunidhi puts in to sound soft and suppress her otherwise more throaty sound. Definite hit (it must already be doing the rounds in channels back home) and a definite out of India picturisation. Its gotta be so, its Yashraj afterall! Haven't they forgotten that there are picturesque places in India too? :-) Another song which caught my fancy was Ab To Forever sung by Kay Kay. This is a real pacey number with an initial cue sorts sung by Vishal (part of the music director duo) which is so so catchy! Definitely ring tone material. ;-). Vishal has also sung a sufi number of sorts which again is pretty impressive. After hearing Shekhar in Aazmalae from Taxi No 9211 and Vishal now, I can quite boldly say that these are the best singing music director duo Bollywood has seen. But I do wonder though, if Kailash Kher had sung the sufi score, it would be so much more apt. These were the interesting parts of the album. We now have the typical Title song, which is ok but not really captivating and a slow version of the same song sung by Shreya Ghoshal. Nachle Ve and Saiyaan were typical and kinda brings the overall rating for the album down.

So, I think this album deserves somewhere between a 6 and a 7 out of 10, how about 6.5 ? :-)

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