Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bad Timing Lady Luck!

I am in transit at Singapore and have 20 hrs to kill here. I was sorta happy to know that a big chunk of this time will be spent watching the cricket world cup match of the day as Changi airport has live screening of the same.

... And as luck would have it, Ireland play Sri Lanka today. Urrrghhhhh!

Interestingly, I was watching a news programme on BBC where they were citing the low crowd turnout this world cup. If anyone doubted the future of cricket, doubt further. This has arguably been one of the least entertaining world cups I can remember. First off, two strong teams (ok, we can debate this ;-)) get knocked off before the super eights. To add, a coach is killed in mysterious circumstances. Another team, England, had a very mediocre world cup after igniting hopes with their last minute performances in the Benson and Hedges against Australia. Now come the high ticket prices because of which not enough locals are turning up for the matches.

All in all a bad world cup and personally more than happy to have missed it. :-)


Icarus said...

They should stop calling it the 'World Cup'. I mean, when there are only a handful of teams playing, and most of the world's understanding of 'cricket' is as an 'orthopteran insect noted for the chirping notes produced by the male', what's the rationale behind calling it a 'World Cup'? Don't you think so? :-)

Ajay said...

Yup... Cricket doesn't have a "World" following. But then, on argument, it has the second most populous country going ga-ga over it.

Nonetheless, I have seen a marked disinterest in people towards cricket in general, which probably augers well for other sports I suppose.

Icarus said...

That's just one-sixth of the world's population. Cricket is like Mandarin; a single highly-populous country and a few other less-populous ones are involved, but no-one else in the world understands or plays (uses) it.

The difference is that the future of Mandarin is bright, while the future of cricket is not.