Monday, November 20, 2006

Travel Tip

During air travel the next biggest problem to food is getting good sleep. I usually stay awake the whole time watching something on the TV, but when I am not watching I have a tough time trying to sleep.

Just realized I had clicked these snaps but hadn't posted them. Of all the travel in Cathay Pacific, I had never noticed this very useful feature and in fact didn't see many people use it, which makes me believe this is not a well known fact. Also, Cathay doesn't tell this or mention it in their catalogs.

Normal Seat - No Sleep:

Modified Seat - ZZZZZZ:

Try this the next time any of you are on a Cathay Pacific flight or maybe on any other airlines, without damaging the seat if it doesn't budge. wink big nose
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Anonymous said...

As a kid I believed that Aeroplanes were emblems of luxury and opulence. But the minute I climbed into a plane for my maiden flight that image disappeared like the mist in the morning sun.

I am now totally convinced that the seats in these flying machines are specially designed torture chairs. If they don't succeed in bringing out all the stuff from your digestive system to the open, rest assured that they will bring out the hidden claustrophobic feelings in you.

Twist and turn, stretch and shrink, try all the tricks you know to make yourself more comfortable. But you are most likely to travel alone. Our dear friend "sleep" will just refuse to travel with us. In fact "sleep" is more likely to travel along if we travel in our good old KSRTC Rajahamsa (well, as long as you are not travelling on the roads of Coorg District or the ghat section to Mangalore).

One on one such flight, as I twisted and turned, I did discover the bendable head-rests. I coaxed Sleep to try different positions of that head-rest. But alas !!! he just bade me "Good Bye!! Bon Voyage !!!" and went away leaving me to gawk at the malnutritioned ladies serving more of that high fat manna from a phirangi chef who claims to know to cook authentic Indian meals.

So, I guess you were lucky that you managed to cajole Mr/s Sleep to go to bed with you. Lucky U.

Ajay said...

Though I got Ms. Sleep to bed, I preferred the TV on the couch. ;-)