Wednesday, November 29, 2006

License to talk

India is 82/5, on the way to another expected loss! I am not going to talk about India's dismal performance for enough has been said in the media, in the parliament, in my office etc etc.

For once lets talk of the Proteas shall we.... They have a pitch that suits them, they are playing a team that fears them and they have a team that is very good not to mention a very lucky toss coin. This being said, is there really a need for all the tongue swagging?? I know cricket is no longer a gentleman's game, but it ain't an indisciplined one either.

Ntini - The decent one in the lot. You will never see him swear at the batsman.
Pollock - Has a reputation for being a joker. Well, his guy should be a mime joker!
Kallis - For all his talent in batting, he does need his tongue to complete his bowling!
Nel - Less said about this clown the better. He comes in every match and is running up to the batsman and opening his mouth from the very first ball!

Completing this trio is the dodo who can let a ship through his teeth, Mark Boucher. This guy can't keep his mouth shut for all the money in the world, doesn't matter if he is batting or keeping. If this guy is the vice-captain, guess how the captain must be? Well, he is the leader of the pack in every way! angry

This display is being seen on TV by so many people and I can't guess the match referee being blind! If so, why don't these guys get fined for misconduct or at least warned? This kind of partial behavior has been pointed out many a time by the Pakistanis, the Lankans and Indians, but nothing is being done about it!

Question of the night:
What do I hate more, seeing the miserable performance by the Indians or the shameless verbose performance by the South Africans or the continuously inconsistent administration by the high powers?? angryangryangry

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Anonymous said...

I agree that the Indian team's skills right now seem rather rudimentary. Do you think that a change in the coach could contribute to a better peformance?

Ajay said...

Chappell has had a very controversial stint as a coach. Though I think he is trying to do the right things (aussie style), he is doing it the right way (indian style). For e.g. When you challenge an Indian players position in the team, he buckles, while an aussie will either score a 100 or take 5 wickets! On the other hand, an empty praise is probably good enough to get boy going.

At this point, what is happening is each individual not performing rather than wrong selection or wrong strategy. So, in short there is very little Chappell or any coach for that matter can do. :-(