Saturday, April 24, 2010

Living Legend

I am no fan of the ipoo's. I never liked the ipod and didnt find the value in ipod touch either. I am likely to get one soon enough to know what the value talk is all about. I also didn't like the iphone when it was released, but the recent ones have been more promising. I have a similar doubt on the value of the iPad which too will be lapped up by consumers faster than they can be sold :-). But all being said, one thing majority of us will have to agree to is the "i" brigade has changed that way the world listens, communicates and connects. The man behind this revolution, like many others, is Steve Jobs. This compulsive entrepreneurs business life can be compared to that of a cat and his revivals to that of a phoenix. And when a man of his vision talks, people listen and with reason. Here is a small speech he gave to a bunch of Stanford grads. Seems rather melodramatic at times, unbelievable at times and possibly a bit gloating too, but a captivating listen none the less .

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Anonymous said...

Some years ago, I didn't care about Apple products and I didn't know Apple very well. But I decided to give Apple a change and I'm in love with it. First, I bought my first iPod. I just love it and it completely changed the way I listen to my music. It has really nice features. I just love it! Then, I bought a Mac and I couldn't be happier. I didn't "sell" my soul to Apple, but I think we all have to admit this: Apple makes really good products that makes us want them. And I don't regret it. In fact, I thank Apple for all its ideas and innovations. :)