Monday, October 05, 2009

Reality beckons

The "startup days" of Linux seem to be behind it. Saw this interesting article come by and I couldn't agree more.

The more popular linux becomes, the more user friendly it becomes, the more it looks and feels like Windoze.


Dragonfly said...

But I am almost sure that no matter how much Linux 'grows' it will never be the same as windoze, ever. ;)

Ajay said...

Yeah, quite true. I am right now running Ubuntu as a virtual OS inside XP. Though "most" things work great, there is still a LOT of installation you need to do to get comfortable. On the other hand Suse is likely to be better coz it does have a lot more apps(or bloatware) as part of default install.

Dragonfly said...

Its the same problem with all linux distributions. Everyone of them have some thing we want and a lot of things we dont want. and tailoring them to our needs is not that easy or extremely hard. I am still using a fedora distribution in vmware that I installed 2 years back and tailored. I dont want to install a new one simply cos i dont want to configure anything. Also, to be honest, the GUI of linux sux! With windoze, my day to day life is easier.. :) but for development, linux rocks! :)