Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yes, we live amongst them!

This is old news, but unfortunately, my ability to grasp important news has been "breaking" off late! This is extremely disturbing and hence you have been warned. But none the less, we need this kinda jolt once in a while to realize the difference between civilized and uncivilized forms of existence. BTW, I did think of writing the previous sentence as the "difference between civilized humans and wild animals", but I see enough Nat Geo to know that wild animals wouldn't be this uncivilized!

These are student clashes in chennai between two law colleges. The police apathy can prick at first, but remember, their action or inaction is not decided by them. You can see the police officer talking to someone on the phone and his apparent orders are to find a good spot from where he can watch the action rather than diffuse it!

I googled the net to know the reason behind these acts of aggression, but I surprisingly couldn't find any. All I could find was people talking about politics inside the campus etc etc. If anyone knows the reason (I am sure its going to be painfully silly!) or followed the news, please let me know.


Prem Bangole said...

It is disturbing. Well I haven't seen anything like this since when Rodney King was beaten on the streets(

However I was following this news about caste clashes in college, didn't realize the seriousness of issue until I saw the youtube Video. I am not sure how much of this is authentic. Nevertheless Ajay your mystery should have little bit of light .

Ajay said...

Thanks Prem, lemme read through and try to make sense of this nonsense!