Friday, November 02, 2007

Lets Wi-Fi'fy the Cams

Digital Camera having Wi-Fi capabilities is not new. But they haven't caught on as much, because the consumers don't see the need to pay the extra bucks to get just wi-fi transfer feature.

But here is something that I think can definitely catch on. An SD card which has Wi-Fi in it. This means, even those digital cameras, considered archaic by the bleeding edge standards of the day, can have wi-fi upload services on them. Now, only if they could bring down the price from $99. ;-)


Dragonfly said...

If only the price was <$50... :)

Ajay said...

yeah... I believe 99$ is a rip-off of sorts since basic wifi is commoditized a lot. Hell, I can get an access point for less than $20. Anywayz, when it comes to talking (or for that matter working on), bleeding edge is goood. But when it comes to buying, everyone should wait till the hype drops. :-)